Latest Developments

This page reviews recent developments in the National Capital Region (NCR) Homeland Security Program. Please consult the menu to the left for an overview of the program, regional working groups, emergency support function committees, grant status, and other information.

NCR UASI Process 2015

To view the latest information on the 2015 UASI grant award process and the proposed grant projects, visit the Regional Grants page.

Regional Joint Information Center

The region has launched a News and Information Web site with alerts about weather, traffic, utilities, homeland security and other subjects. Visit the new site.


logoSign up for emergency alerts from local governments. Capitalert is a free service that links the public to local emergency alert systems.

Procedure to Request the NCR Radio Cache

The NCR Radio Cache is funded through a Department of Homeland Security UASI grant, and consists of 1,250 portable radios and ancillary support equipment. It is available to support public safety communications within the NCR for emergency and/or scheduled events. Within two hours of receiving an emergency deployment request, the radio cache will be en-route to the requesting agency with a support staff that includes a NIMS qualified Communications Unit Leaders (COML) and communications technicians (COMT). Please click here for the request forms.

NCR Events Calendar

Visit the NCR Homeland Security Events Calendar for the latest listings of meetings, conferences and trainings.

Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees in the National Capital Region

This guide encourages Federal employees and the whole community in the Washington, DC, area to take practical steps to better prepare themselves and their families for emergencies that could threaten their homes, workplaces, and communities. View the guide.

Procedure to Request Training and Exercises

The NCR Exercise and Training Oversight Panel (ETOP) serves as a point-of-contact for agencies and organizations in the NCR with exercise and training requirements. The ETOP
has procedures to apply for training and exercise UASI funding. Please visit the ETOP page.

NCR Strategic Plan

The region has an updated 2013 Strategic Plan for Homeland Security. View the full document.

Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) Report

The QHSR is a congressionally mandated, top-to-bottom review of homeland security that will guide the Department of Homeland Security for the next four years and inform the nation’s homeland security policies, programs, and missions.  View the report.